The Foundation is a place built for athletes, by athletes. Our mission is to offer a place for athletic development that enhances the physical body and mental framework to prepare for the athletic journey. Through naturalistic visuals and a diverse training approach; we aim to connect our clients with their bodies, their mind and nature, to build a strong foundation for their future. Our work is adaptions from multiple disciplines across the sports performance spectrum. We believe that the base of an athlete must be built from the ground up in order to restore balance, posture and ensure proper distribution of force.

My son was always athletic, but working with Daniel at The Foundation has brought him to the next level. Daniel works with the whole athlete, and without a doubt, in less than a year my son son has developed dramatically in areas such as strength, agility, flexibility, toughness, and mental discipline. This growth is clearly evident on the field as his physicality and play have improved tremendously.

Tara Bleeker, College Park HS Baseball/ Football Parent

We could not have asked for a better trainer or more positive than Daniel. The results we have seen in Primo are worth every session. Primo has become much stronger everywhere in his body, especially his core. He is quicker and much more nimble as well. Daniel also instills the importance of a healthy diet and twice a month he treats the kids to a sushi making class. Most importantly Primo ALWAYS looks forward to his training sessions. If you are looking for a Great Trainer for your Athlete or maybe even yourself I would recommend Daniel Adler  110% hands down every time!!

Christina Rodriguez, College Park HS Baseball Parent

My son has been going to Daniel at The Foundation for nine months. I asked my son what has he benefitted while going to see Daniel, and he responded,  "Three words... Strength, stability, and mobility." Hands down best trainer around.

Raquel Sharp, College Park HS Baseball Parent

My son has been going to the Foundation for a little over a year and he loves it. He enjoys going and has gotten stronger and more fit. He says it's "inspirational" and motivating and Daniel, the owner and trainer, genuinely cares for each athlete, training not just physically but mentally as well. We are very pleased to have found such an awesome training facility.

Clayton Valley HS Soccer Parent

Coach Adler develops both the person and the athlete. He has not only strengthened my Sons body, he has challenged his mind and expanded his spirit. His encouragement and belief in Colton have built up his self confidence and the results are reflected in his accomplishments.  I am truly grateful for Coach Adler's contribution and genuine care for Colton's development.

Lisa Bonnington,
College Park HS Track/Football Parent

My son is a baseball & football player and has been going to the Foundation for over a year. He is now one one the strongest kids for both teams.

Vincent Ricevuto,
Miramonte HS Football/ Baseball Parent

What does my training program include?

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Cooking Classes

Every other month, we will be growing our chef skills and crafting our own healthy delicious meal. Everything including food will be provided. Just bring a great attitude and an open mind for flavor!


Game Reports

While in-season; after each game, every athlete will fill out a report to serve as a reflection to see what went well and what we can improve on. Most of the focus here is about how you prepared during the week.


Mental Meetings

Once a month, each athlete and I will meet for 30 minutes to reflect on the month and check on their mental energy, including the habits they have created around school, sports and food choices. These are usually quite powerful and have had great success on progressing the mental development and attitude of our athletes.


Food Relationship Guide

A Printed Guide for each athlete to improve their relationship with nutrition to build healthy habits in the kitchen. Easy recipes, vital nutrition information, and what a healthy plate looks like is included.

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