Meet Daniel Adler

Daniel began his football days with the Pleasant Hill Rebels, and played football at College Park High School in Pleasant Hill. His childhood dreams were of basketball but by sophomore year, he had a change of heart and immersed himself in football. It turned out to be a good decision as he excelled, and after not getting any attention from schools; he enrolled at Diablo Valley College in 2008 to continue his dream. After back to back years with All-Conference honors, Daniel received a scholarship to Northern Arizona University, where he played wide receiver and graduated with a B.S in Sociology and minoring in Communications in 2012. Daniel was still hungry to compete and was offered a contract to play professionally overseas in Germany for the Frankfurt Universe. He played one season and earned MVP of the GFL2 South in 2013. He then came back and made an arena roster with the Columbus Lions of Arena Football. After being released and bouncing around a few minor league teams, Daniel decided it was time to turn the page and invest his energy back into the community that raised him. He went back to school to earn a Masters of Management from Mills College in Oakland, CA in 2016. Since graduation, Daniel has dedicated his life to coaching, teaching, and raising the next generation of athletes in the Bay Area so they can experience a life filled with success, discovery and a positive perspective. His passion for people, society, teaching, sports, training, and philosophy has led to the creation of The Foundation, House of Movement.