• Daniel Adler

Emotions and Constant Injuries

Injuries and emotions have a deep correlation. I do not have sufficient scientific data to back this up but I am fully convinced that bad emotions add up to injuries. I have been an athlete all my life, and trained athletes ever since I retired and know a thing or two about athletic performance. In my experience, the athletes with the healthiest minds have stayed healthier and injury free. The athletes with emotional turmoil from household, peers, toxic relationships, and their own unhealthy thoughts and beliefs about the world continue getting hurt. Now, this is incredibly simplistic, and not very specific so let me elaborate on what I mean and why I believe this to be true. First off, lets classify injuries as ails to the body that inhibit function. Whether that be a twisted ankle, torn ACL, pulled hamstring, shoulder dislocations, any joint impingement, broken bones in fingers or hands. Things do happen in sports, that’s the nature of sport so when an athlete gets hurt, it’s not automatically linked to emotions and its certainly not time to shame them and point fingers on why this happened but it is time to be mindful of how this could have led up. If the athlete does not care to learn new ways of preparing, this is a perfect example of how a lack of curiosity and growth mindset really hurt you down the line. Most injuries occur from a lack of awareness. Whether it be not appreciating the moment, lack of preparation, emotional distress, self-hate, disrespect of self and others, resentment, un-forgiveness of truth, depression, immaturity, selfishness, lack of compassion and understanding, and any lack of curiosity. A stressed-out cell is a protective cell, therefore a vulnerable cell.

A cell is either in a growth state or a protective state. You should not always be protecting or growing. Life is a healthy mix of both. When you’re playing sport, blood and energy are rushed to the limbs and your body is in a protective state (healthy). If you go home to a stressful environment after your game and you have no time to relax and reflect (growth state), your body thus stays in a protective state (unhealthy) . If your body stays in a protective state too long, it gets exhausted. Then, when you go to compete again, the energy and blood has not circulated to growth state and is stagnant. When energy is fixed and stagnant, injuries and sicknesses occur. No matter how tough you are, your body will fold because the emotional distress placed on it by the mind. With that being said, the environment of the cell is the most important of this topic. Everything in our bodies are cells and cells make up every tissue. Our cells are key. With this understanding, we have to be wise about how we respond to stress. If you’re in a stressful environment, it is key to have healthy self-talk. This changes the environment of the cell. Getting angry at people for their lack of maturity causes stress. Stress inhibits relaxation, growth, and recovery. The proper response is to aim to understand that people have deep issues that probably stem from their childhood. Also, they don’t have the perspective you have for whatever reason; and unfortunately they are suffering from that. But if you suffer too, your body will feel it, so be calm, understanding, and wise.

This is one example of how we can take negative people in negative environments and have compassion for their soul. When we do this; we alter the physiology of our body and nourish our cells with love, and grace. Then we go back to competition, and we can channel that love into great power. When we do this, we perform with calmness, confidence, and avoid injuries because we are aware and have done the self-work to be in a healthy state of mind.

On the flip side, if we do not do this self-work, we come back the next day with more anger, resentment, and stagnant energy. The energy has not moved and our bodies continue to ache and fail us. We keep training, cracking our backs, and looking for new pills and creams but the pain does not move.

Move pain by understanding your pain. Open your heart and love the unloved, even if they don’t know how to love because they were unloved. You might find that you were unloved but that love has to start somewhere and it won’t start from the outside in. Understanding and forgiveness is the key. This will allow your self-discipline to be natural and your cells will thank you with a healthy body ready to perform.

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